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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Choosing a SEO Company

After you have been dealing for some time with SEO on your own,
you discover that no matter how hard you try, your site does not rank
well or that your site ranks well but optimizing it for search
engines takes all your time and all your other tasks lag behind. If
this is the case with you, maybe it is better to consider hiring a
SEO company to do the work for you. With so many SEO companies out
there, you can't complain that you have no choice. Or is it just the
opposite – so many companies but few reliable?

It is stretching the truth to say that there are no reliable SEO
companies. Yes, there might be many scam SEO companies but if you
know what to look for when selecting a SEO company, the risk of
hiring fraudsters is reduced. It is much better if you yourself have
a substantial knowledge of SEO and can easily decide if they promise
you the starts in the sky or their goals are realistic but even if
you are not quite familiar with SEO practices, here is a list with
some points to watch for when choosing a SEO company:

  • Do they promise
    to guarantee #1 ranking?
    If they do, you have a serious reason
    to doubt their competencies. As the Google
    SEO selection tips
    say, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking in
    Google. This is true even for not so competitive words.

  • Get recommendation from friends, business partners, etc.
    Word of mouth is very important for the credibility of a company.

  • Ask in forums. There are many reputable Web master
    forums, so if you can't find somebody who can recommend you a SEO
    company right away, consider asking in Web master forums. However,
    beware that not all forum posters are honest people, so take their
    opinion (no matter if positive or negative) with a grain of salt.
    Forums are not such a reliable source of information as in-person

  • Google the company name. If the company is a known
    fraudster, chances are that you will find a lot of information about
    it on the Web. However, lack of negative publicity does not mean
    automatically that the company is great, nor do some subjective
    negative opinions mean that the company is a scammer.

  • Ask for examples of sites they have optimized. Happy
    customers are the best form of promotion, so feel free to ask your
    potential SEO company about sites they have optimized and references
    from clients. If you get a rejection because of confidentiality
    reasons, this must ring a bell about the credibility of the SEO
    company - former customers are not supposed to be a secret.

  • Check the PR of their own site. If they can't optimize
    their site well enough to get a good PR (over 4-5), they are not
    worth hiring.

  • Ask them what keywords their site ranks for.
    Similarly to the page rank factor, if they don't rank well for the
    keywords of their choice, they are hardly as professional as they
    are pretending to be.

  • Do they use automated submissions? If they do, stay
    away from them. Automated submissions can get you banned from search

  • Do they use any black hat SEO tricks? You need to know
    in advance what black hat SEO is in order to judge them, so getting
    familiar with the most important black
    hat SEO tricks
    is worth before you go and start cross-examining

  • Where do they collect backlinks from? Backlinks are
    very, very important for SEO success but if they come from link
    farms and other similar sites, this can cause a lot of trouble. So,
    make sure the SEO firm collects links from reputable sites only.

  • Get some personal impressions, if possible. Gut
    instinct and impressions from meetings are also a way to judge a
    company, though sometimes it is not difficult to get mislead, so use
    this approach with caution.

  • High price does not guarantee high quality. If you are
    eager to pay more, this does not mean that you will get more. Just
    because a firm costs more DOES NOT make them better SEO's. There are
    many reasons for high prices and high quality is only one of them.
    For instance, the company might work inefficiently and this is the
    reason for their ridiculously high costs, not the quality of their

  • Cheap is more expensive. This is also true. If you
    think you can pay peanuts for a professional SEO campaign, then you
    need to think again. Professional SEO companies offer realistic

  • Use tricky questions. Using tricky questions is a
    double-edged sword, especially if you are not an expert. But there
    are several easy questions that can help you.
    For instance, you
    might ask them how many search engines they will automatically
    submit your site to. If they are scammers, they will try to impress
    you with big numbers. But in this case, the best answer would be
    "no automatic submissions".
    Another tricky question is
    to ask them if they will place in you top 10 for some competitive keywords of
    your choice. The trap here is that it is them, not you, who chooses
    the words that are best for your site. It is not that probable that
    they will choose exactly the same words as you suggest, so if they
    tell you that you just give them the words and they push you to the
    top, tell them “Goodbye”.

  • Do they offer subscription services? SEO is a constant
    process and if you want to rank well and keep on like that, efforts
    are necessary all the time. Because of this, it is better to select
    a company that includes post-optimization maintenance, than get a
    company that pushes your site to the top and then leaves you in the
    wild on your own. You may even want to see if they offer SEO Pay Per Click services to help you maintain an ongoing PPC campaign to further optimize your site's online marketing.

We tried to mention some of the most important issues in selecting
a SEO company. Of course, there are many other factors to consider
and each case is different, so give it some thought, before you sign
the contract for hiring a SEO company.

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